Inthought – Six – Heroes and Legends

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by Neil Biddle

Earlier this week, members of Associated Architects attended a charity dinner at Moxhull Hall, organised by Simon Seaton Smith of Couch Perry Wilkes. The Heroes and Legends dinner was held to raise money for Help for Heroes, Battle Back and Fisher House, while promoting the efforts of Team Sapper, who are planning to cycle 300 miles from Birmingham to London, for charity. The event alone managed to raise £8,000 for the fantastic causes.

Simon Seaton Smith of CPW said, ‘It was great to see so many people turn out and support the event. All our thoughts are on the ride now, it’s going to be tough, but we’re all excited by the challenge.’

This summer, the main fund raising event for Help for Heroes is 350 cyclists riding from Paris to London.

Team Sapper cyclists will be starting their ride from Fisher House, a new £4m project at QE hospital Birmingham opening soon, providing Home from Home support for wounded servicemen and their families following treatment. The Team have asked that any funds donated should be channeled towards Fisher House, Help for Heroes and to Battle Back.

The team will ride to Worcester, the site of the biggest battle in The British Civil War, then to Oxfordshire and Godalming, before arriving at Chatham, the home of the Royal Engineers (‘sappers’.)

On Sunday morning 2nd June, Team Sapper will meet up with thousands of other cyclists at Blackheath. Some of those cyclists will also have completed substantial rides themselves. All will then ride together, as a parade, through  London, to The Cenotaph, where a ceremony will be held.

WJ and GB

a sporting legend…and Gordon Banks

Associated Architects had the pleasure of being seated at the same table  as the guest speaker for the evening, the legendary goalkeeper Gordon Banks, who gave a humorous look back at his career. A Lezyne CNC track pump was donated to the auction by Associated Architects, who gave £1,000 to the event

Director Warren Jukes said, ‘We’re really happy to get behind Simon, Team Sapper and the work they’re doing.’


You can donate to the cause by going here!

You can hear Simon-Seaton-Smith talking on the BBC here

Simon 55.00 – 58.00

2 thoughts on “Inthought – Six – Heroes and Legends

  1. I am Gerry Taggart, Team Leader of Team Sapper. We had a great ride to London. We did 295 miles in four days and are really grateful to you for supporting us so well. Many thanks.

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