Inthepress: Double win at the RIBA

RIBA awardsFor those not in the know, the RIBA awards could be likened to the Oscars of the building world. Although there’s no celebrities teetering up and down the red carpet in skimpy dresses. This is architecture, there’s decorum, responsibility. The phrases on everybody’s lips are ones like sustainability, future-proof and well designed.

Jokes aside, awards like this help to raise the profile of practices and projects. They give all the hard working people behind the scenes a moment of respite to pat themselves on the back and say ‘Well done.’

We’re  lucky to be able to do a double round of celebrations at the office today. Because we came out top in two regional categories, the West Midlands with the Micheal Baker Boathouse and the North East with our work at Yarm School.


Auditorium, Yarm

boathouse Worcester

Boathouse, Worcester

Director Matthew Goer said, ‘It is a great honour to receive these awards, which are testament to the hard work of our team to meet the vision and ambition of our clients. We’re incredibly proud of these two projects and the enjoyment they’re going to bring to the young people who use them.’

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