InThought – Ten – Young Architects

As the summer holidays commence and young people everywhere think of ‘the next step’, a few students from Windsor High School in Halesowen, might be thinking of making the move to architecture, due to a small competition we ran in June.

Architect, Andy Bonner, has been heavily involved in the work of Associated Architects at Windsor High. After presenting to Sixth Form students on ‘how to become an architect’ he was invited to return and work with the art students. What grew from this was a competition involving year nine students. The aim was to produce a redesign for their current art block.

The students were presented with various problems to solve, including maximizing on classroom space, creating areas to display work and finding room for a teacher’s office.

Architect Andy Bonner

Architect Andy Bonner

We had three entries into the competition:


The first group, who eventually won the competition, comprised of Josh, Gillian and John. They designed the building below using free internet software. They responded to all of the presented problems and solved them in a practical manner.

They also included an inner garden that would be used to grow plants and vegetables for the school.

P1090560P1090559P1090566GROUP 2

Connor, Josphine, Emily and Ellie.

The second group went for a highly creative design, which was completed by a 3D model, made during numerous laboured lunch hours. The star shaped building has large, white paneled walls for displaying students work on.

Andy Bonner remarked on the hard work that had gone into producing the model.

P1090579 P1090577 P1090582 P1090572

Group  3

Emily, Sofia, Molly and Georgia.

The final group went for a conceptual design that reflected the nature of the work done within the building. The colored glass walls followed a colour palette built into the roof that also acted as the atrium windows.

P1090571  P1090569

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